Seismological Bulletins

Seismological bulletins contain the final analysis of seismic events recorded by the Montenegrin seismic network. They include: station code, phases, arrival time, direction of the first motion for P and if possible for S waves etc. The resulting parameters are given in the header of the located earthquake. Stations used for creation of bulletin are: PDG, CEME, DRME, KOME, PLE, BEY, PVY, BRY, NKY, NKME, HCY, BUM, ULC and UPM. The bulletins are prepared in the ASCII GSE2.0 format, but other formats of bulletins (DAT, BUL) are avilable for the time-period 1979-2006. Starting with the year 2011, in seismic bulletins, the epicenter coordinates are given in WGS84 system.


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