Geodynamic Network of Montenegro

   MSO is in the process of establishing the Geodynamic network of Montenegro (MEPOS). The first GPS station - Martinicko Gostilje (GMME), is installed at the end of October 2008. It is purchased through donation of Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). The second GPS station - Dracevica (DRME) is purchased through budget and installed at the middle of 2009. The stations collect and store GPS data and send them to processing centre at Podgorica on a daily basis.
  Leica GNSS QC software performs automatic quality checking of GPS data, site evaluation, receiver performance testing etc. On the right side of picture below, graphical environment of the software is shown. Data processing is carried out using the Bernese software (Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern).
Distribution of the MEPOS and MontePos
GPS stations
   Starting from March 2011, after obtaining a license for the GIPSY OASIS software (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, NASA), GPS data processing is done using this software package.
  The installed GPS stations include: Leica GPS receiver GRX 1200 and GPS AT504 GG Choke Ring Antenna (left side of the picture below). The function of Permanent GPS Network of Montenegro is: precise estimation of crustal movements, geodynamic studies, monitoring of tectonic deformation and recording of activities in tectonically active areas. MSO takes over the GPS data from the National Geodetic permanent network - MONTEPOS consisting of 9 permanent stations.
Leica GPS receiver GRX 1200 Pro
Leica GPS GNSS QC software
Leica GPS AT504 GG Choke Ring Antenna