Virtual Regional Seismic Network

   Virtual network of the Montenegro Seismological Observatory includes more than 90 seismic stations: stations of Montenegrin National Seismic Network (ME) and selected seismic stations of other institutions from European countries. SeisComP3 is used for real-time data acquisition and exchange with collaborating seismological centers. Data flow to/from networks: MN (MedNet), SL (Slovenia), IV (Italy), RS (Republic of Srpska), RO (Romania), BS (Bulgaria), KV (Kosovo), CR (Croatia), SJ (Serbia), HT (Greece), AC (Albania) and MK (Macedonia).
   For real-time exchange, all Montenegrin seismic stations are on the Internet: PDG, BEY, BRY, HCY, ULC, PLE, PVY, BUM, NKY, NKME, UPM, DRME, CEME and KOME. A two-way automatic analysis of seismic waveforms is performed. One is done by SMART Quake® (Geotech Instruments, Dallas, TX) and the other by SeisComP3 (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany). The manual analysis is performed on daily basis using the software Analysis (B.Glavatovic, Montenegro Seismological Observatory, Montenegro).
Distribution of the seismic stations for the
Virtual Network of the Montenegro Seismological Observatory